Sciences: Ecology

Department: Environmental Sciences

Supervising Faculty Members: Howard Epstein

Specialization: Ecology

Research Focus: We will be examining patterns of vegetation and soil properties along two latitudinal gradients in the arctic tundra.  The data have already been collected, and we will be analyzing the effects of latitude/temperature on these ecosystem properties, as well as how the patterns may differ (or are similar) between a North American transect and a Eurasian transect.

Job Description: Mostly the student will be focusing on analyzing ecosystem properties along the latitudinal gradient, using Excel and regression statistics.  There will also likely  be a literature review component of the project, as we begin to write manuscripts for publication.

Required Skills, Courses, Resources, or Background:  Excel, basic statistics, Web of Science, science writing.  Excel, Web of Science, possibly SAS or some other statistics package.  The student should already know how to use Excel, but otherwise, no training would be necessary.                                                         

What You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding of the ecology of arctic tundra ecosystems
  2. Spatial data analysis
Scientific literature review and some basic science writing