Social Sciences: Educational Leadership and Policy

Department: Educational Leadership and Foundations

Supervising Faculty Member: Michelle Young

Specialization: Educational Leadership and Policy

Research Focus: Following the authorization of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the US Department of Education issued a set of regulations for states regarding their use of funding to support the education of K-12 students.  A novel addition to the regulations was authorization to use ESSA funding to support educational leadership.  This research project involves a comprehensive review and comparison of the treatment of school leadership in each of the ESSA state plans.

Position Description: Students will have an opportunity to work with a research team comprised of faculty members and doctoral students from several research institutions, to review literature concerning the role of federal legislation in the planning and implementation of state education systems, to learn and apply a variety of document analysis techniques, and to draw informed inferences regarding patterns in identified through data analysis.  Students will also have an opportunity to participate in the development of reports and research briefs.

Computer software: The student should have familiarity with word processing and spread sheets software, such as Microsoft word and excel.  We can train the student to use qualitative data analysis software.

What you will learn: 1. Develop greater familiarity with approaches to policy analysis. 2. Develop their research skills, particularly document analysis. 3. Develop a strong understanding of the relationship between federal and state policy levels.