Sciences: Energy and the Environment

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Supervising Faculty Members: Andres Clarens

Specialization: Energy and the Environment

Research Focus: Our research group is interested in clean energy. We study flow through porous media – the ways in which complex fluids move through the ground. This is important for a lot of problems like storing CO2 underground, making shale fracturing safe, and producing geothermal energy. 

Job Description: The student will work on high pressure column experiments that are being used to study buoyancy driven flow. This work is ongoing and led by a PhD student that will also mentor the undergraduate student. 

Required Skills, Courses, Resources, or Background:  Interest in working in a lab/research setting!

Training: None                                                  

What You Will Learn: Understand how to carry out experiments in a lab.
Learn how to keep a laboratory notebook to keep records of their results.
Understand how to formulate hypothesis in research.