Sciences: Energy Storage Materials

Department: Chemical Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Gary Koenig

Specialization: Energy Storage Materials

Research Focus: We are working on new materials and electrode designs for batteries and other energy storage devices.  We are focused on synthesis, fabrication, characterization, and/or evaluation of battery materials.

Position Description: Students will initially be involved in a project on characterization/evaluation of existing battery technologies.  Depending on progress, new materials will be designed and synthesized for characterization.

Required skills: Students need to be comfortable in a chemical lab environment.  Some computer skills and computational analysis would be helpful.  Completion of a college-level chemistry laboratory course required.  Completion of introductory engineering coursework would also be helpful.

Computer software: Excel

Training/certification: UVa EHS lab modules will be assigned to be completed before initiating any work in the lab.

What you will learn: Students will learn to understand, analyze, and present experimental results.  Students will gain knowledge on the function and evaluation of electrochemical systems, in particular batteries.

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