Sciences: Evolutionary Ecology

Department: Biology

Supervising Faculty Member: Deborah Roach

Specialization:  Evolutionary Ecology

Research Focus: We study variation in the patterns of traits in natural populations.  Current projects include aging in plants and variation in the patterns of reproduction in plants.

Job Description: Assist with ongoing experiments in the lab and greenhouse and possibly a local field setting; enter data; participate in lab meetings.

Required Skills/Knowledge:  Ability to follow instructions; interests in considering a major in the sciences; enthusiasm; reliability; carefulness; punctuality.

Computer software: Familiarity with Excel spreadsheets would be beneficial but not required.

Training: Introductory Biology or equivalent AP credit

What You Will Learn: 1) Gain an understanding of the process of science; 2) Gain an enthusiasm for, and possibly a life-long interest in, research; 3) Gain the ability and  confidence to ask new questions.