Sciences: Genome Instiability

Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Supervising Faculty Member: Anindya Dutta

Specialization: Genome instability in cancers and regulation of gene expression by noncoding RNAs

Research Focus: Cancer cells have unstable genomes.  I study how this instability occurs and whether we can exploit this weakness for diagnosis and therapy.  Gene expression defines how a cell behaves:
is it normal or malignant?  Is it muscle cell or a brain cell?  I study how non-protein coding RNAs regulate genes.

Job Description:

1)  cell culture, transfections
2) protein or RNA or DNA extractions
3) Westerns, PCR,
4) Molecular biology:  growing plasmids in bacteria
5) The student will be given a defined project that s/he has to complete

Required Skills/Knowledge: Experience in molecular biology.  If someone is familiar with R, UNIX, C++, Python, I have some good bioinformatics projects. Second year students only.

Required Courses: Coursework in molecular /cell biology or in computer science.

Training: Biosafety and radiosafety training will be a plus.  Second year student preferred.

What You Will Learn:

1)  Learn how to read papers and formulate questions
2)  Learn how to troubleshoot experimental problems and produce publishable data
3) Learn how to work hard and in a focused manner that either proves or disproves a hypothesis