Humanities: History and American Studies

Department: History & American studies

Supervising Faculty Member: David Singerman

Specialization: History of science & technology, the United States, the Caribbean, capitalism

Research Focus: I’m looking at how U.S. corporations and government entities controlled the production of sugar in Cuba and Hawaii between the 1860s and the 1930s. Workers and farmers on those islands fought back against American control, even as industrialists tried to tighten their grip so that they could more easily dominate the booming market for sugar at home. I've done research in the UK, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hawai'i. The goal is to produce a book, but I am also looking for creative ways to present the stories and data that I’ve found.

Position Description: I’d look forward to working with a USOAR student in order to come up with research activities that are beneficial, educational, and helpful for both of us. These might include—but are no means limited to—finding, analyzing, and comparing historical documents; tracing individuals through newspaper archives and writing their stories; putting together historical data sets and creating visualizations; or recreating historical scientific experiments using period-appropriate scientific instruments.

Required skills: Some courses in history, politics, or another social science would be ideal. Spanish or French reading knowledge would be useful too but is by no means necessary.

What you will learn: I’d love for students to understand how historical research can work; to develop the intuition and knowledge to discern valuable from less valuable information; and to be able to take that information and present it in written and visual forms.

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