Sciences: Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

Department: Chemistry

Supervising Faculty Member: Charles Machan

Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

Research Focus: Research on how energy can be catalytically stored in and recovered from chemical bonds in small molecules using molecular transition metal complexes

Position Description: Synthesize ligands and metal complexes; characterize complexes by analytical techniques and test them for catalytic activity for the reduction of carbon dioxide or oxygen and water oxidation. Students will shadow grad students to learn skills before being given an independent project to complete related to the research interests in the lab.

Required skills: Basic laboratory experience.

Computer software: Microsoft Office proficiency.

Training/certification: Safety training for handling reactive chemicals, disposing chemical waste, handling gas cylinders.

What you will learn: Run an electrochemical experiment, use a glovebox, design a ligand synthesis.

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