Humanities: Journalism, Media Studies, American Studies

Department: Virginia Quarterly Review

Supervising Faculty Member: Allison Wright

Specialization: Journalism, Media studies, American studies

Research Focus: VQR is working toward a complete history of the magazine in honor of its centennial in 2025. This involves research in the university archives as well as a comprehensive list of authors published and topics addressed—and contextualized—throughout the life of the publication.

Position Description: Students will familiarize themselves with the history of VQR, which necessarily overlaps with the history of UVA, and will work toward fleshing that out by visiting the VQR archives in the UVA Special Collections and helping to discern what materials are useful in writing a history of the publication.

Required skills: legible handwriting; proficiency in MS Word

What you will learn: How to write a reader report; how to conduct archival research; how to present findings to a supervisor and/or small group of interested parties