Humanities: Literature, Japanese Popular Culture

Department: Slavic Languages and Literatures

Supervising Faculty Member: Stanley Stepanic

Specialization: Literature, Japanese Popular Culture (Anime, Manga)

Research Focus: We'll be working on an important book project that involves a bootlegged and nearly lost translation of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Research will focus on translation of this largely unknown text, for the first time, in English, with historical perspective and cultural relevance analyzed. With scholarly research on Dracula at a high point following the recent publication of the Icelandic edition of the novel for the first time in English, this project is of huge importance to a wide variety of readers, scholars, and fans.

Position Description: You will be learning proper research methods, academic writing, and editing. This will involve using databases to find articles and books, scanning through writing to find relevant material, scanning pictures (including potential alterations through photo-editing software), transcribing hand-written notes for ease of use, and editing.

Required skills: Highly fluency in Japanese for reading required. The preferred student does not need to have a high level of skill in spoken or written Japanese, only reading. Further, they should have experience with academic writing and research. If not, this will of course be a primary component they will be learning regardless of prior experience. Some familiarity with Japanese popular culture, especially anime and manga, is a plus, but not required.

Computer software: Either experience with a PC or MAC is acceptable, though PC is preferable. The student should have at least a working knowledge of Word (footnote insertion, for example). Knowledge of how to use Photoshop is not required, but a plus.

Training/certification: No formal training required other than fluency as it relates to reading Japanese.

What you will learn: You will learn how to develop sound research skills, proper editing, and academic writing, as well as the process involved in publication. For this project the student will be heavily involved in work on a final book project that will eventually be published.