Sciences: Molecular Biology, Immunology

Department: Sugery

Supervising Faculty Member: Valeria Mas

Specialization: Molecular Biology/Immunology

Research Focus: My research projects are mainly focused on: (1) evaluating the molecular pathways associated with graft fibrosis development and loss of function post-kidney transplantation, (2) testing the effects of organ donor biology in short and long-term outcomes post-transplantation (liver and kidney transplantation), and (3) identifying early biomarkers that distinguish those organs at high risk of post-transplant dysfunction (liver and kidny transplantation).  We use integrative approaches (proteomics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics) to understand the role of immunological and non-immunological factors in transplantation outcomes as well as the effect of the genome collision from the donor and recipient as determinant of final phenotype post-transplantation.

Position Description:

  1. Isolation of RNA and DNA from different samples
  2. Isolation of extracellular RNA and DNA
  3. Target-specific amplification of miRNAs using RT-PCR based arrays
  4. Initiation to data analyses

Required skills: Background in Biology/Immunology is prefered, but not required. We offer training for technichal reactions and data analyses. We are looking for students with strong comminment to Biology, Research (Basic and Translational), and Academic Environment.

Training/certification: Safety Training

What you will learn:

  1. How to work as part of a interdisciplinary team in an academic environment
  2. Basics about immunology of the immune response to the graft
  3. Basics about integrative approaches and biomarker discovery and validation