Sciences: Nanocomposite Materials

Sciences: Nanocomposite Materials

Department: Chemical Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: David Green

Specialization: Professor Green’s research group focuses on the formulation of advanced nanocomposite materials. These new materials have the potential to exhibit enhanced mechanical, optical, thermal, or electrical properties depending on their formulation. The overarching theme is to elucidate and quantify how polymers at interfaces control the actions of hard nanoparticles and soft polymer droplets, in polymer solutions, melts, and blends.

Research Focus: The formation of advanced nanocomposite materials spans a wide variety of standard chemical engineering topics including interfacial phenomena, surface engineering, thermodynamics, mass transport, fluid dynamics, reaction/synthesis engineering, and statistical mechanics. By borrowing theory and techniques from these areas, connections are forged within the field that have not previously been exploited. Future applications of this research include the automotive, aerospace, product packaging or medical industries.

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