Sciences: Neuroscience

Department: Psychology

Supervising Faculty Member: Daniel Meliza

Specialization: Neuroscience

Research Focus: The Meliza Lab studies neural mechanisms of auditory pattern recognition, with a particular focus on how young animals learn the acoustic structure of the vocalizations produced by their species. We use songbirds as a model to investigate neural circuitry and plasticity.

Position Description: Students will participate in a project to identify cell types in the songbird brain. They will prepare brain tissue using a variety of histochemical techniques, use microscopy to acquire images of cells and tissue, trace neural morphology and connections, and use statistical tools to classify neurons.

Required skills: Students need to have taken at least one biology, chemistry, or neuroscience lab course, and be familiar with basic lab safety and solution preparation.

Computer software: Experience with the UNIX shell and at least one programming language (e.g., R or python) is preferred.

Training/certification: Animal handler training is required.

What you will learn: 1. Understand songbird singing behavior and the associated neural circuits
2. Be able to perform basic histochemical and anatomical lab techniques
3. Be able to collect and analyze anatomical and morphological data

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