Social Sciences: Politics and Women

Department: Politics and Women, Gender & Sexuality

Supervising Faculty Member: Denise Walsh

Specialization: Culture and Women's Rights

Research Focus: When and why do conflicts between culture and women’s rights emerge? What are the political consequences of these conflicts? In this project I compare polygamy in South Africa, indigenous women’s right to return to their tribe in Canada, and the face veil in Europe. I am finding that political actors construct conflicts over culture and women’s rights to advance their interests, and that these conflicts entrench the domination of minority women.

Position Description: Student work activities will likely include reading and commenting on a paper for a journal, book chapter drafts, and conference papers; writing annotated bibliographies; transcribing interview notes; research for articles online related to the book project and data entry in bibliographic and qualitative software programs.

Required skills: Familiarity with doing scholarly research on Google Scholar and the UVa databases; attention to detail, good writing and communication skills.

Computer software: Not necessary

Training/certification: No

What you will learn: How to critically evaluate primary and secondary sources and the process of qualitative data analysis; a deeper understanding of how race and gender intersect to put people into unequal relationships of power.

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