Social Sciences: Public Policy

Department: Batten

Supervising Faculty Member: Andrew Pennock

Specialization: Public Policy

Research Focus: As a part of this applied policy lab, students will delve into the most pressing policy problems the next governor of Virginia will confront. The team will produce briefs on the issues facing the Commonwealth of Virginia, designed to quickly bring the governor-elect and the transition team up to speed starting the day after the election, November 8th.  The collection of issue briefs will comprise one part of a broader transition assistance package put forward by the Batten
School to support the incoming administration.

Position Description: USOAR students will work with the faculty member and graduate researchers on Virginia public policy topics.  Normal work will include finding and summarizing previous reports by government and non-profits, keeping track of current media on a topic, transcribing interviews with key policy makers, and writing summaries.

Required skills: Excellent writing skills.

Computer software: Able to work in Word.

Training/certification: None.

What you will learn:

  • Develop and execute a plan/strategies for learning quickly about a new policy area.
  • Work as a team to learn about, analyze, and propose solutions to a complex policy problem. 
  • Speak authoritatively about an important public policy problem(s) in Virginia and who
    constitutes the ecosystem surrounding the problem.