Sciences: Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing

Department: Physics

Supervising Faculty Member: Olivier Pfister

Specialization: Quantum optics and quantum computing

Research Focus: We are trying to build a quantum computer with light. Quantum computing promises exponential speedup for certain calculations that are intractable using classical computing resources. The challenges associated with building an actual quantum computer in the lab are daunting as this requires exquisite control of individual quantum systems, or qubits (such as individual atoms) yet significant progress has been achieved worldwide and at UVa, which boasts a record size prototype quantum processor.

Position Description: Several projects are available, in laser optics, control electronics, and programming: characterization of optical components (optics, detectors), electronic circuits for servo control systems (analog and digital), and interface control of experimental setups (data acquisition, parameter control).

Required skills: Knowledge of programming and/or electronics a definite plus.

Computer software: Not in any particular software. Knowing programming ensures ability to learn another language/software quickly enough.

Training/certification: No.

What you will learn: Solving problems! Solving problems! Solving problems!

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