Sciences: Radio Science/Astronomy

Department: Astronomy / ECE / NRAO

Supervising Faculty Members: Richard Bradley  

Specialization: Radio Science/Astronomy

Research Focus: This work is to improve the sensitivity and stability of specialized radio receiving instruments designed to detect the extremely weak, naturally occurring signals from space.  A working prototype is being developed for use on a lunar orbiting spacecraft. 

Job Description: The student will assist in developing a data acquisition system capable of evaluating the prototype radio receiving instrument.  Tasks include hardware setup, writing / testing computer code, and mathematical analysis of data

Required Skills, Courses, Resources, or Background:  Strong math background through calculus and statistics; engineering fundamentals; capable of working with others. Familiar with the Linux operating system; proficient in writing software; C and Python programming languages preferred. 
Student must have transportation to the NRAO Technology Center Laboratory located on Route 250W. 
Student must learn the proper use and care of expensive electronic test equipment to reduce the risk of damage (use of a wrist strap, proper handling of instruments, etc.)

Training: Basic laboratory safety training         

What You Will Learn:
Develop basic problem solving skills
Learn the fundamentals of data acquisition and signal processing acquire an understanding of effective research methodologies