Sciences: Security

Department: Computer Science

Supervising Faculty Member: David Evans

Specialization: Security, see research group website:

Research Focus: Our research seeks to empower individuals and organizations to control how their data is used. We use techniques from cryptography, programming languages, machine learning, operating systems, and other areas to both understand and improve the security of computing as practiced today, and as envisioned in the future. Two main current focus areas are adversarial machine learning ( and multi-party computation (

Position Description: The specific work will depend on student interests and project directions, and I will work with students to define an appropriate focus problem and project.

Required skills: Students should have some experience programming, and be able to pick up new languages and tools mostly on their own. Additional background in cryptography, machine learning, or operating systems is helpful, but not necessary.

Computer software: If you are able to either complete the Obliv-C tutorial ( or be able to setup and run the Feature Squeezing demo (, that would impress me.

What you will learn: 1. What it means to do research in Computer Science; 2. High-level understanding of one of the main research topics we work on; 3. Able to make a significant contribution to a project.

Web site link to research: