Sciences: Smart and Connect Health

Department: Systems and Information Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Laura Barnes

Specialization: Smart and Connect Health

Research Focus: My research group designs, develops, and evaluates mobile sensing technology for improving human health and well-being.

Position Description: The student will work closely with one or more graduate students from my lab to design mobile health technologies and / or computational methodologies to enable adaptable monitoring of chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, and anxiety.

Required skills: Background in engineering, public health, or psychology. For engineering students some programming and/or probability and statistics.

Computer software: We use the following programming languages, operating systems, and platforms in the lab- R, Python, Java, C#, Swift, Matlab, iOS, Android

Training/certification: IRB and/or IACUC training may be needed.

What you will learn: -Challenges in the development of health information technology
-Study design and the application of the scientific method.
-Data analytics methods in healthcare

Web site link to research: