Social Sciences: Social Media

Department: Media Studies

Supervising Faculty Member: Siva Vaidhyanathan

Specialization: Social Media

Research Focus: My research is generating policy recommendations and best practices for how journalistic institutions should cope with or take advantage of Facebook.

Position Description: The student would maintain a bibliography of scholarly work, search news and scholarly publications for new work on the questions, aid with recording interviews with major scholars and figures in social media, help produce a scholarly podcast about Facebook; and help plan a major conference on the matter.

Required skills: The student should be well versed in Media Studies and the history of media industries. The student should also demonstrate an interest in or experience with the practices of journalism.

Computer software: Evernote, Zotero, library catalogs and databases, Google Docs, spreadsheets, GarageBand, Facebook.

What you will learn: 1) How to maintain a scholarly bibliography; 2) How to edit audio (.WAV) files; 3) How to write and format a policy white paper.