Social Sciences: Social and Personality Psychology

Department: CASTL

Supervising Faculty Member: The motivate lab will hire three students working on this project to be mentored by Christopher Hulleman, Yoi Tibetts, and Stephanie Wormington

Specialization: Educational interventions grounded in theories of social and personality psychology, motivation, and human development

Research Focus: The Motivate Lab is driven to improve people’s lives through rigorous motivation research. Based at the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, the Motivate Lab focuses on understanding the mindsets and motivations that promote learning, growth, and well-being. The Motivate Lab combines approaches from psychological science and design-thinking to conduct cutting-edge research and develop applied solutions, in settings ranging from K-12 and higher education to summer camps, sports, and work.

Position Description: As a part of the Motivate Lab, students will work on tasks to support one or more on-going motivation studies. As a part of these projects, students will be trained to code participant essays based on a rubric and to recognize motivational themes in writing. Students will also aid researchers in designing and proofing research materials. Other duties may include focus group transcription, data entry, and other lab support services as assigned (e..g organizational duties). Students may have the opportunity to present their findings at a regional or national conference.

Required skills: Experience with data entry and/or analysis is a plus, but not required.

Computer software: Knowledge and familiarity with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Training/certification: IRB Certification a plus, but not required.

What you will learn:

  1. To gain or strengthen basic research methods and statistics knowledge.
  2. To gain or strengthen familiarity with motivation concepts from educational psychology.
  3. As a result of their work, highly motivated and engaged students will be better able to communicate the results of research to others.

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