Sciences: Sport Concussion

Department: Kinesiology

Supervising Faculty Member: Jacob Resch

Specialization: Sport Concussion

Research Focus: Sport concussion has gained considerable attention during the past three decades. The purpose of my research is to investigate novel technologies for the diagnosis and management of sport concussion in young and adult athletes.

Position Description: Students will assist with data collection with young and adults athletes prior to a sport concussion, assist with data entry, and attend  a weekly journal club.

Required skills: Students should also have had or concurrently be enrolled in a statistics course.

Computer software: Applicants should be familiar with Microsoft Office.

Training/certification: Applicants should complete CITI training prior to working in our laboratory.

What you will learn: Students will learn an in depth knowledge of sport concussion, apply statistical techniques and how to interact with a healthy and potentially concussion patient population.

Web site link to research: