Sciences: Sports Medicine

Department: Kinesiology/Orthopaedic Surgery

Supervising Faculty Members: Joe Hart

Specialization: Sports Medicine

Research Focus: The Exercise and Sport Injury Lab aims to study the neuromuscular consequences of joint injury.  When active individuals become injured, it is common to want to return to some sort of activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve recreational or competitive goals.   We study the biomechanical and neuromuscular compensations that may lead to further injury, pain or disability – and develop therapeutic interventions to restore normal function.

Job Description: Observing and interacting with clinical research patients involved in laboratory studies, clinical outcomes or interventional trials.  Data entry, signal processing and analysis.

Required Skills, Courses, Resources, or Background:  Basic computer skills-  word, excel, powerpoint, video editing and photo editing a plus
Basic image and video processing, Image J – lab staff can provide training with Image J.

Training: CITI Training for work on IRB-approved clinical research studies.       

What You Will Learn: 1. Scientific method and hypothesis testing
2. Data acquisition with variety of scientific instruments
3. Data processing, data entry and banking, advanced data analysis, data graphs/figures and statistical analyses.