Sciences: Sports Medicine 2

Department: Kinesiology

Supervising Faculty Members: Susan Saliba

Specialization: Sports Medicine

Research Focus: Efficacy of Therapeutic Interventions in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. Research agenda focuses on the application and physiological effect of physical agents (heat, cold, light, electrical stimulation or ultrasound) on healing tissues. Specifically, the manner in which the application of the agents effects blood flow and neuromuscular factors are explored in conjunction with patient oriented outcomes of function and pain.

Job Description:

  • Interact and screen participants in a manner expected for human research (including phone)
  • File IRB paperwork in a manner expected for research on human subjects
  • Become proficient in the instrumentation used for data collection: Biodex dynamometer, Biopac interface, EMG, Accusway, Biomechanical tools (Flock of Birds), Ultrasound Imager among others
  • Interact professionally with supervisors and other faculty members who run the lab
  • Data acquisition from Acknowledge Software

Data entry to spreadsheets

Required Skills, Courses, Resources, or Background: Ability to interact professionally with human subjects, doctoral students and faculty
Science background including Biology and Anatomy/Physiology
Acknowledge software will be used as well as Image J and other data acquisition methods.  Familiarity with MatLab would be beneficial.  Students would be trained on relevant software.

Training: Citi Training for ethical research and treatment of human subjects is required

What You Will Learn:

  • Obtain knowledge about ethical research practices with human subjects
  • Become familiar with lab equipment

Serve as a student leader with research programs in sports medicine