Sciences: Structural Engineering

Department: Civil Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Devin Harris

Specialization: Structural Engineering

Research Focus: My research group is named the Mobile Laboratory for Rapid Evaluation of Transportation Infrastructure (MOBLab). The MOBLab, supports research related to in-service condition and behavior of infrastructure systems. The laboratory is equipped with a variety of testing equipment suited for rapid load testing and monitoring as well as equipment dedicated to non-destructive evaluation of civil infrastructure. Much of our current focus centers on the development and deployment of non-invasive measurement technologies to assess and describe the performance of infrastructures components (bridge, buildings, etc.). These technologies include camera, video, and mobile devices and include various data interpretation techniques including digital image correlation, image processing, and machine learning.

Position Description: The selected student will have the opportunity to work in the laboratory and potential contributed to field testing of existing infrastructure. The student will have the opportunity to work with the faculty member, graduate students, other undergraduate students, and the infrastructure lab manager for the proposed work. We have a number of hands on experiments that are going on in our lab and this position would be able to contribute immediately and also help develop new experiments in the future.

Required skills: I am looking for students with a variety of skills including data collection, image analysis, programming and app development, etc., but these skills are not a requirement for the position (only helpful).  The required skill set includes self-motivation and the ability to work independently and in a team, good communication, and persistence.

Computer software: Helpful skills would include MATLAB, Excel, Solidworks

Training/certification: None

What you will learn: The basics of research (experimental and analytical), explore ideas independently, and develop a research idea that can expand and be further developed.

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