Sciences: System Safety, Systems Engineering, Autonomy

Department: Systems Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Cody Fleming

Specialization: System safety, systems engineering, autonomy

Research Focus: We are interested in modeling safety, in conjunction with other system properties like performance, from concept development to verification of complex, socio-technical systems. An important question about developing new systems, or modifying existing ones, is how new technologies affect system safety. In particular, we are interested in assessing safety along with performance in automation- and software-intensive systems that also involve human control, most importantly when the design is immature. A secondary (but related) interest lies in modern feedback control, dynamics, and modeling.

Position Description: Much of it will involve coding for both simulations and real cyber-physical systems (e.g. small robotic cars, autonomous cars, and cars that communicate with each other).

Required skills: Coding in multiple programming languages; courses in feedback control systems

Computer software: Introduction to programming (e.g. Python, C, C++, Matlab)

What you will learn: Upon completion of this work a student would ideally be able to (1) begin to formulate research questions of his/her own and think independently about unsolved problems in our domain; (2) develop real cyber-physical systems and complex simulations; and (3) articulate problems and solutions in written and oral form.

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