Sciences: Vascular Biology

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Brian Helmke

Specialization: Vascular biology; cell interactions with biomaterials

Research Focus: Endothelial cells lining blood vessels in the body interact with a fibrous extracellular matrix. In order to mimic the matrix that guides healing in blood vessels, we plan to create an artificial matrix surface using electrospinning. The goal of this project is to optimize the method for fabricating the artificial matrix.

Job Description:  (1) Prepare polymer solutions and perform electrospinning experiments. (2) Perform scanning electron microscopy and analyze images. (3) Animal cell culture

Required Skills/Knowledge:  Basic laboratory skills are helpful, including preparation of solutions of known concentration. Microsoft Word and Excel.

Training: Blood borne Pathogens safety training is required before work can begin.

What You Will Learn: (1) Be able to design a strategy for engineering optimization with multiple variables. (2) Be able to explain and perform basic electrospinning and electron microscopy techniques. (3) Be able to characterize images with quantitative measurements.