Social Science: Visual Perception and Cognition

Department: Psychology

Supervising Faculty Member: Dennis Proffitt

Specialization: Visual perception and cognition

Research Focus: We will study how people scale their spatial perceptions with their bodies.  For example, hills appear steeper when people are tired, encumbered, physically unfit, or elderly and in declining health. 

Job Description: 1) run experiments with undergraduate participants; 2) enter data; 3) participate in lab meetings.

Required Skills/Knowledge: ability to communicate instructions to participants, ability to put people at ease, reliability, carefulness, punctuality, and pleasantness. The data that you obtain must be trustworthy.

Required Courses: Psychology 2300, Introduction to Perception

Training: None

What You Will Learn: Through this research-work opportunity, you will: 1) learn how behavioral research is conducted; 2) learn what motivates faculty and graduate students to pursue science as a career; and 3) become an educated consumer of behavioral research.

Suggested Reading:
Proffitt, D.R. (2006).  Distance perception.  Current Directions in Psychological Research, 15, 131-135.

**Please note the participant in this placement will receive course credit instead of wages**