Sciences: Water Resources Engineering

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Jon Goodall

Specialization: Water Resources Engineering

Research Focus: Our research group is focused on applying computing and analytic to address water resources challenges, in particular flooding challenges. Much of our work targets +the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

Position Description: The primary need is for students interested in computer programming, electronics, sensor system development, and related tasks -- all aimed at monitoring and modeling water systems. Students interested in hydrologic modeling, project management, technical writing, and other tasks are also encouraged to apply. Students will work closely with research associates and graduate students within our research group.

Required skills: Ideally, students will have background using Python, GitHub, and Amazon Web Services.

Computer software: One or more classes in computer programming

What you will learn: (1) flood modeling and warning systems (2) computer programming and software development applied to an important real world problem (3) team work and collaborative software development

Web site link to research: