Social Science: Work, Gender, Family, Emotions

Department: Sociology

Supervising Faculty Members: Allison Pugh

Specialization: Work, Gender, Family, Emotions

Research Focus: This spring I will be laying the groundwork for a large book project on gender, emotions and work, which will involve several different mini-projects on empathy, envy, and anger, using interviews, ethnographic observations and social media.  

Job Description: Library research on emotions and other related topics, including finding, summarizing and maintaining a database of relevant sources; coding blog and social media commentary; perhaps some observations online.  Training provided on all of these.

Required Skills, Courses, Resources, or Background: Some research skills in libraries and in online article databases. The more the better! Very basic excel skills.

Training: The student selected for this position will need to complete on-line certification training on ethics in social science research provided through Social Sciences Institutional Review Board before beginning work.

What You Will Learn: 1)  Students will improve their capacity to review the relevant literature on a particular topic, chasing down particular books and articles, using citation records to determine the most influential sources, exploring the edges of a particular field to determine how scholars have tackled the topic.  2) students will also learn how to construct a stuffed bibliography, with summaries of relevant material; 3) students may also learn how to code online or interview data.

** Please note this placement is only for the spring semester.**