Department: Economics

Faculty Supervisor: Sophie Osotimehin

Specialization: Macroeconomics

Research Focus: Professor’s Osotimehin’s work focuses on economic development, structural change and aggregate productivity. As economies develop, workers move from agriculture to manufacturing, and then from manufacturing to services.  The research project looks at how this structural change can help explain aggregate productivity growth and economic development..

Job Description: PLEASE NOTE THIS POSITION IS AVAILABLE FOR FALL 2013 SEMESTER ONLY. Work five (5) hours each week during the fall term: 1) conduct literature review on structural change and “development accounting”; 2) gather and organize data from various sources; and 3) compile descriptive statistics. Interested students should be highly motivated and demonstrate a strong interest in economics research.

Required Skills/Knowledge: 1) strong analytical and organizational skills; 2) strong oral and written communication skills; 3) ability to work independently; 4) basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel; basic knowledge of Stata is a plus but is not required.

Required Courses: ECON 2010, 2020, 3020

Training: The student will complete basic training in Stata once hired.

What You Will Learn: Through this research-work opportunity, you will: 1) gain a better understanding of important questions in the field of macroeconomics and development; and 2) gain experience working with data and using a statistical software package (Stata).

Suggested readings:

McMillan and Rodrick, “Globalization, structural change, and productivity growth”, NBER working paper, June 2011 (

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