Department: Media Studies

Faculty Supervisor: Siva Vaidhyanathan

Specialization: Policy, internet, global media

Research Focus: Professor Vaidhyanathan is composing a book called Intellectual Property: A Very Brief Introduction. It will survey the current state of copyright, patent, and trademark law. It will also consider how these areas of law affect creativity, invention, ethics, and economics.

Job description: 1) locate resources about recent events and court cases in intellectual property; 2) maintain a bibliography; and 3) seek appropriate illustrations.

Required Skill/Knowledge: Use of library databases, especially LEXIS/NEXIS. The student should also have knowledge of Evernote and Zotero.

Required Courses: MDST 2000 or MDST 2010

Training: None

What You Will Learn: Through this research-work opportunity, you will: 1) gain a broad grasp of current issues in patent and copyright law; 2) understand the process of planning and writing a non-fiction book; and 3) learn about the publishing business.

Suggested Readings:

Vaidhyanathan, “Copyrights and Copywrongs” (New York University Press, 2001)


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