Pledge Card

Pledge Card Instructions

Download a PDF of the Pledge Card (32 KB)

1. Charity, code, employee name Image of a U.Va. CVC paper pledge card.
This is preprinted for full-time salaried employees. Wage employees should fill in name and payroll code. Wage employees cannot use payroll deduction.

2. If you select payroll deduction, choose the time period that matches your pay schedule.
(2a) Write in the amount that you wish deducted each pay period.

(2b) Write in the total that you want deducted for the year under Annual Gift. Your pledge will be divided equally among your paychecks starting in January and continuing through December.

3. Choose cash, check, credit card or stock
Write in the total amount of cash or check. If you are using a credit card, check the card used, write in your credit card number, expiration date and amount. If you are donating stock, write in the approximate value and a telephone number where you may be reached. A CVC representative will call you to explain the procedures for donating stock.

4. Designate your gift to a specific charity
Write the charity’s CVC code number, the amount you wish to donate, and the charity’s name. To find CVC codes or to learn more about a charity, access the CVC online directory. A copy of the directory also can be obtained from your volunteer coordinator or from the CVC Office at or 924-1321. You can designate up to 16 charities by using multiple cards and stapling them together.

5. Authorize your contribution
Sign and date your pledge card for payroll deductions and credit cards.

6. Check yes or no for acknowledgement
If you wish to receive acknowledgement from the charities, check “YES, I would like to be acknowledged and receive verification for tax purposes. Please share my name, address, and gift amount with the charity I have selected.” Otherwise check “NO.”

7. Return the pledge card to your volunteer coordinator by Dec. 12
Contact or 924-1321 if you do not know where to send your pledge card.