Volunteer Tips

What should I do with the red envelopes?
Please distribute them to the employees in your area. If you are missing pledge cards or have pledge cards that do not belong in your area, please contact your area CVC leader. If you do not know your area leader, please contact the Community Relations Office at 924-1321 or uvacvc@virginia.edu.

Who gets a red envelope?
Red envelopes are pre-printed for all salaried employees.

How can salaried employees give using the pledge card?
There are several options to choose from when using the pledge card. Salaried employees may choose to give through payroll deduction. Payroll deductions begin with the first paycheck in January 2016 and end with the last paycheck in December 2016. Salaried employees may also pledge with a one-time deduction in January. Other methods include cash, check, credit card or stock. Wage employees may pledge using blank pledge cards and may give cash, check, credit card or stock. See the Pledge Card page on the CVC website for further instructions and information.

When should I turn in my pledge card?
Please remind employees in your area to turn in their cards once per week. It’s always best to get them in sooner rather than later. Cash, check and credit pledges must be turned in by December 18, 2015, to ensure processing for the 2015 tax year. Payroll deductions are reported in the 2016 tax year.

How do I turn in money from special events like bake sales or jean days? Please fill out a blank pledge card, write the name of your special event and include your organization code and the code for the designated charity. You may also include a list of participants for the event, but if you do, you must include how much each person gave.

Where do I find charity information?
Charity booklets are distributed with the red envelopes in limited quantities, but charity information may also be found on the CVC website’s List of Charities page.

Where do I find the CVC video?
The CVC video is available for viewing and downloading from the CVC Home page.

How do I get more blank pledge cards?
Please send an email to uvacvc@virginia.edu or call 924-1321. Please include how many you need and where to send them. You can also access a printable Pledge Card on the CVC website. Don’t forget to make a copy for your records.

How do I turn in red envelopes?
You should receive large white envelopes with the red envelopes when the campaign begins. These can be dropped off at various collection locations at the University.

  • Medical Center Cafeteria (near check-out)
  • Wahoo West Café Cafeteria (near check-out)
  • Battle Building (mezzanine)
  • Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center (first floor lobby)
  • Outside Claude Moore Library Lobby (opposite entrance)
  • Fontaine Research Park, 400 Ray. C Hunt Drive
  • Cashier’s Office, Carruthers Hall
  • Newcomb Hall 1st Floor Post Office

What other method can I use to contribute through the CVC?
If you are a salaried employee on the academic side, you may also choose to give online with a payroll deduction. Online pledges are secured through the NetBadge system.

Medical Center employees should visit the Health System’s CVC page to give online.

Download a copy of the CVC Volunteer Tips.