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Recognizing and Assisting Student in Distress

Indicators of distress, information and resources for Faculty.

Recognizing and Assisting a Co-Worker in Distress

Tips and resources for dealing with difficult situations, being proactive, reaching out to those in need, and providing assistance before difficulties reach a crisis point.

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty & Staff

Resources for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP)


UVA provides the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP), a free, confidential resource for faculty, staff and family members to help address a wide variety of personal and work life issues.

Human Resources


In an era when the competition for top talent amongst peer institutions is more spirited than ever, University Human Resources supports the mission of the University by creating a work environment that attracts, develops, and retains an outstanding and diverse workforce. UHR strives to put the "human" back in Human Resources, through policies and programs that encourage continuous learning and motivate employees toward success.

Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP)


The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs is committed to eliminating discrimination and advancing equal access in all opportunities, programs, and facilities of the University in accordance with applicable federal laws, state laws, and University policy.

U.Va. Pride

UVa Pride was founded as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Faculty, Staff & Graduate Student Association in the spring of 1992 to serve the needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of the University of Virginia community.

Office of Diversity and Equity


The Office of the Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity assists and monitors all units of the University in their efforts to recruit and retain faculty, staff and students from historically underrepresented groups and to provide affirmative and supportive environments for work and life at the University of Virginia.

Coalition on Eating Disorders & Exercise Concerns


UVA's Coalition on Eating Disorders & Exercise Concerns is a committee of students and multidisciplinary faculty and staff dedicated to advancing the understanding, prevention and treatment of eating disorders and exercise abuse throughout the University community.

ADA Coordinator and University Ombudsman


The Ombudsman is an independent, confidential resource available to assist faculty, staff and students in resolving problems, complaints, conflicts and issues.

University of Virginia Police Department (UPD)

434.924.7166 (non-emergency)
911 (emergency)

The University Police Department ("UPD") has responsibility for the safety of everyone at the University, 24 hours a day. UPD works closely with administrators, students, faculty and staff to maintain a secure environment and respond to safety concerns.

Office of Emergency Preparedness


The Office of Emergency Preparedness works closely with other University officials to coordinate preparation for and response to emergency situations. Members of the office advise and support Hoos Ready, a student group focusing on safety awareness.



In 2010, a task force was formed to look at policies, structures and resources necessary to support a culture of civility and respectful behavior at U.Va. As part of this effort, University Human Resources launched the Respect@UVa website with respectful workplace guidelines, resources to help teach and reinforce respectful behaviors, and an incident-reporting system.

The University encourages every member of our community to promptly report any instance of abuse or mistreatment of anyone by University personnel, including workplace bullying, to appropriate supervisors, unit heads, department managers or deans, or through the incident reporting system, without fear of reprisal or retaliation.

Threat Assessment Team

The goal of the University's Threat Assessment Team is to help preserve the safety and security of the University community in collaboration with other University and community services.