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Helping a Friend as an Active Bystander

If you're worried about your friends' behavior or actions, don't be afraid to bring it up. Staying silent simply enables the behavior. For example, in the case of a problem drinker, many recovering alcoholics attribute their initial awareness of their drinking problem to the intervention of a friend or family member. The following five-point formula will provide some guidelines on what to say as well as how to handle denial and what to do if nothing happens. If others who share your concern join you in this effort, there is a greater possibility for success.

Get Grounded: Step Up!

Tips, procedures, University and national resources for stepping up and helping out.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Resources for Students

Office of the Dean of Students


The Office of the Dean of Students supports student learning and interpersonal growth that creates engaged citizen leaders. On the second floor of Peabody Hall, students will find a team that is available to assist students in navigating and developing a unique student experience, including crisis intervention and support.

Dean on Call


The Office of the Dean of Students provides 24-hour crisis management services to University students. Those in need of support or referrals should be aware that these services are available after hours by contacting the University Police Department at (434) 924-7166 and asking them to refer the issue to the Dean on Call.

Sexual Assault Information and Support


Informs and supports anyone who has experienced sexual assault or other sexual misconduct, as well as his/her significant other, while offering structured mediation and formal adjudication options through the Sexual Assault Board.

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center at the University of Virginia supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Asian/Asian Pacific American Student Services and Programs

Provides support and advocacy through peer education, mentoring programs, outreach, and assistance to A/APA student organizations.

Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Muslim, and Middle Eastern Student Services

Represents and supports the diverse interests of these students through mentoring, assistance to student organizations, cultural events, advocacy, and outreach.

International Student Support

Working in conjunction with colleagues in the International Studies Office (, Associate Dean Peter Yu provides support to international students seeking to integrate into the University culture and community.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

main line 434.924.5556 or 434.243.5150
after hours 434.924.7004

The UVA Department of Student Health, Harrison Bowne "Tersh" Smith Jr., Memorial Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the University of Virginia's primary student counseling clinic. Our mission is to be responsive to the mental health needs of UVA students while also providing consultation, education, outreach and crisis management to the broader UVA community.

Just Report It

Bias Incident Reporting System. The University encourages prompt online reporting of bias complaints so that it can investigate the alleged facts for possible violation(s) of University policy, including the Standards of Conduct, and refer such complaints to law enforcement to determine whether an independent investigation for violation(s) of criminal law is warranted. A dean on call will respond promptly (typically within 24 hours) to any person who files a bias complaint.

University of Virginia Police Department (UPD)

434.924.7166 (non-emergency)
911 (emergency)

The University Police Department ("UPD") has responsibility for the safety of everyone at the University, 24 hours a day. UPD works closely with administrators, students, faculty and staff to maintain a secure environment and respond to safety concerns.

Women's Center


The Women's Center's mission is education, in the broad sense that Thomas Jefferson envisioned it: the Center teaches students how to create powerful and positive change, in themselves, in their communities, and in their world.

Office of African American Affairs


The Office of African-American Affairs was established in 1976 as an integral part of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Virginia. It is charged with the responsibility of assisting academic and non-academic units in meeting the challenges of service delivery to African-American students. The Office assumes broad responsibility for the creation of a supportive environment which promotes the students' full participation in the University's extracurricular life and enhances the sensitivity of the larger community to the needs, interests, and culture of its students. At the same time, it recognizes the intellectual and social diversity among African-American students and strives to gear its programs and services accordingly.

ADA Coordinator and University Ombudsman


The Ombudsman is an independent, confidential resource available to assist faculty, staff and students in resolving problems, complaints, conflicts and issues.

Coalition on Eating Disorders & Exercise Concerns


UVA's Coalition on Eating Disorders & Exercise Concerns is a committee of students and multidisciplinary faculty and staff dedicated to advancing the understanding, prevention and treatment of eating disorders and exercise abuse throughout the University community.

Get Grounded: Step Up

The Let's Get Grounded student-run initiative purposes to combat the social norm of bystander behavior - that is, to encourage and empower students, faculty and staff to recognize, react and respect at the University of Virginia.

Office of Emergency Preparedness


The Office of Emergency Preparedness works closely with other University officials to coordinate preparation for and response to emergency situations. Members of the office advise and support Hoos Ready, a student group focusing on safety awareness.

Office of Diversity and Equity

The Office of the Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity assists and monitors all units of the University in their efforts to recruit and retain faculty, staff and students from historically underrepresented groups and to provide affirmative and supportive environments for work and life at the University of Virginia.

Student Health-Office of Health Promotion


Our goals at the Student Health Center are to help students maintain health through education and prevention and to restore health when necessary by treatment of illness, injury, or stress. Student Health is a fully accredited health care facility that provides high quality, confidential health care.

Gordie Center for Alcohol and Substance Education (Gordie CASE)


The Gordie Center for Alcohol & Substance Education at the University of Virginia creates and disseminates evidence-based educational programs and materials to decrease the negative consequences associated with hazardous drinking and illegal drug use among college students. Gordie CASE works with students to promote peer intervention and challenge attitudes that accept hazardous drinking and hazing behaviors in order to promote healthy campus environments in which hazing and alcohol poisoning do not occur

Threat Assessment Team

The goal of the University's Threat Assessment Team is to help preserve the safety and security of the University community in collaboration with other University and community services.

UVa Alerts

Sign up for the University of Virginia's emergency text messaging service for students, faculty, and staff.

Student Organizations

University Judiciary Committee - Agency Organization


The University Judiciary Committee is the central governing and operating body of the University Judicial System of the University Judiciary Committee University of Virginia, and is authorized to investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of the University's Standards of Conduct.

University Mediation Services - Agency Organization


University Mediation Services was founded in 1996 to provide the students and community of the University of Virginia an alternative form of conflict resolution and to educate the community about the advantages and tools of the mediation process. It is a student-run organization that provides conflict resolution services to the University community, as long as one of the disputing parties is a student, or group of students, at the University of Virginia.

Hoos Ready - Special Status Organization

Hoos Ready is a special status organization promoting and campaigning for emergency preparedness at UVA. Our members are University students, faculty, and staff who sign our safety pledge to keep emergency preparedness and safety as a priority. This pledge is an indication and promise to the University that you will fulfill your responsibility to maintain our community's standard of safety.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT) - Special Status Organization

ADAPT is dedicated to addressing the issues of alcohol and other drug abuse in the University of Virginia community. As peer educators, we promote awareness, provide educational outreach, and serve as accessible resources for our fellow students. Our primary purpose is to minimize the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in an effort to promote a healthier environment at our University.

Minority Rights Advocacy Organization (MRC) - CIO

Minority Rights Advocacy Coalition at the University of Virginia provides services and activities to its members and the community as a whole to create a greater understanding between people of all minority status, whether because of ethnic status, gender, or sexual orientation.

Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) - CIO

The Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) is a club primarily dedicated to fostering the education and leadership of conservative university women.

One in Four (1 in 4) - CIO

One in Four is an all-male sexual assault peer education group at U.Va. Primary Mission: To end men's sexual violence against women.

Sexual Assault Facts and Education - CIO

Sexual assault facts and education is a student group that aims to educate and help to prevent sexual assault at U.Va. The group gives presentations to other groups on grounds and involve ourselves in activities that support these issues.

Student Athlete Mentor Program at UVA (SAMs) - Special Status Organization

A peer education program designed to train student athletes in substance abuse prevention and to create a safer social environment for students at the University. SAMs learn to recognize signs of problematic drinking and drug behavior and appropriate ways to intervene. They develop proactive measures to reduce the negative consequences related to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and serve as resources for their teammates.

Sustained Dialogue - CIO

Works to create a greater sense of understanding between groups at U.Va.

White Ribbon Campaign - CIO

The White Ribbon Campaign at UVa symbolizes our solidarity with those who have been affected by gender-based violence, as well as our pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women. Furthermore, it demonstrates our lasting commitment to making the University a safe academic space for all.