1st Years and Transfers – Join the Peer Advising Family Network!

WELCOME Incoming  1st Years and Transfer Students

Welcome to the University of Virginia! We are the executive board of the Peer Advising Family Network (PAFN), and we are excited to have you join the UVA community this fall!

Our Organization

Let us begin by introducing our organization. PAFN is a diverse group of passionate and dynamic students dedicated to helping ease your transition into the University. We do this by placing you in a “family” with an advisor as your “parent” and several other incoming students as your “siblings.” Your small, intimate family unit will be placed in one of four larger letter families (P, A, F, N) made up of several family units like yours under other advisors and their “kids.”

Our Mission

To ease the transition of incoming students and prepare them for future college and career success through academic and professional development.

Our Advisors

In joining PAFN, you will be able to bond with a knowledgeable and approachable advisor who has been trained and equipped to guide you through your first year of undergrad at UVA. PAFN advisors are upperclassmen who are here to support you in all aspects of your first year. All of our members are very active within the UVA community, with a wide variety of academic and extracurricular interests. Through them, you will get tips on classes, professors, student organizations, and the Charlottesville community at large. Together, you will attend and host awesome events and meet other fellow first years and transfers.

Our Commitment 

This intimate family network distinguishes us from any other major organization you will find on Grounds and it is what most effectively helps us accomplish our mission. The executive board and advisors carefully plan and execute PAFN-wide bonding events, “family” outings, info panels, and other activities for your benefit, in order to ease your transition to Mr. Jefferson’s University, acclimate yourself to life as a student, find your niche, and, most importantly, prepare you for future academic and professional success. We hope your PAFN family can be your support network and home-away-from home during your time at UVA.

Our Family
If this sounds like the type of experience you would like to have at UVA, we invite you to take a few minutes to look at our website www.uvapafn.com. If you are interested in joining the PAFN family, please fill out the application on the “Join” page here. Your answers to these questions will help us get a better feel for who you are and how we can cater to your specific interests. In this questionnaire you will also be able to indicate your preferences for advisors. You can find more information about each of our advisors on the “Advisors” page. Please fill out the advisee application no later than Monday, June 30 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time.

If you have any questions, you may also contact our co-chairs Olivia Szymanski and Kristie Moy at uvapafn@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting you soon!

PAFN Executive Board

PAFN is an organization run through the Office of the Dean of Students.