About Us

Welcome to Mr. Jefferson’s University, the University of Virginia! This site is dedicated to highlighting services and resources available to Asian and Asian Pacific American Students. The Office of the Dean of Students along with various colleagues and other offices provide support, assistance and advocacy to all Asian and Asian Pacific American (A/APA) students and programs through peer education, outreach, mentoring programs and leadership programs.

A/APA’s at UVa comprise approximately 16% of the overall student population. There are 40+ contracted independent organizations (CIOs) at the University that are geared towards the needs and interests of A/APA students. The Office of the Dean of Students is proud to support various student run programs and initiatives. These include the following:

For more information on any of these programs, look through the website or contact Marc Paulo Guzman at mguzman@virginia.edu .

I sincerely encourage you all to find ways to get involved and take advantage of the multitude of opportunities available through the Office of Dean of Students. I’m always available if you want to learn more about such programs, or if you want to discuss topics in regards to getting involved  on grounds, identity development, interpersonal issues, career development,  or anything else pertaining to your experience at the University of Virginia. My office is located in the Student Activities Center on the first floor of Newcomb Hall.

Marc Paulo Guzman
Program Coordinator
A/APA Students and Programs
Student Programs and Councils (PAC) Center, Room 164I
Newcomb Hall First Floor