Deadline Friday 10/5! 2012-2013 AAPAAN Mentorship Program

UVA’s Asian and Asian Pacific American Alumni Network (AAPAAN) is actively recruiting students to participate in its mentorship program.  These mentorship relationships aim to encourage networking and provide academic, career support and guidance for undergraduates through the extensive and diverse experiences of their mentors.  Our mentors seek to assist you with your professional and academic aspirations!  This year’s mentors’ career fields include:

  1. Medicine/health care (psychiatry, pediatrics, occupational therapy, physician, biotechnology)
  2. Business (audit, marketing, finance)
  3. Engineering (chemical, electrical)
  4. Federal law enforcement
  5. Law
  6. Environmental consulting
  7. Education (principal, teacher)
  8. Peace Corps member

Note: if you’re looking for a particular career field and it’s not represented here, let us know and we can try to recruit specifically for it.

Students should be sincerely interested in developing a mentorship over the course of the academic year.  Student-mentor pairs should be in contact at least once a month.  Please see the attached Mentorship Guidelines for additional information.

To participate, please complete the Student Application at by Friday, October 5.  Student-mentor pairings will be made later in October.  Questions?  Contact Joy Tongsri at or see