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Culture DancingAsian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM)

APAHM is a month long celebration during April  of the rich and diverse heritage of Asian Pacific Americans. Since its inception in the spring of 1999, the Asian Student Union at the University of Virginia has played a vital role in implementing various events throughout the month. APAHM combines cultural and educational awareness with outreach to the community. APAHM also focuses on also fostering an atmosphere of understanding and dialogue between the many different Asian Pacific American cultural groups and the greater UVa community.  APAHM has become the most recognized series of Asian Pacific American events at the University of Virginia and continues to be a time of contemplation and commemoration across Grounds.


APAutumn is a week-long celebration of the Asian and Asian Pacific American experience. It is typically held in the late fall as a complementary program to APAHM. Events during the week are geared towards improving education around the issues that A/APA individuals face at UVa and beyond.