Social Media Internship

Organization: Asian/Asian Pacific American (A/APA) Programs and Services

Intern title: Social Media Intern(s) – Multiple positions may be selected in order to divide responsibilities


Availability: Academic Year 2012-2013

Purpose of Internship: The goal of A/APA programs and services is to promote intellectual, cultural, personal, and social development of A/APA students who make up about 16% of the entire UVA community. It also supports the many contracted independent organizations (CIOs) that fall within the A/APA community. This internship will manage some of the communication strategies within the A/APA community through social media and the weekly A/APA Newsletter. The interns will keep the A/APA and the larger UVA community updated regarding events and other opportunities for students. Interns will also act as historians by posting digital media (photos & videos) and text updates of A/APA events/programs in real-time and/or post-event.

In addition to their primary duties of communication with the A/APA and larger UVA community, interns will spend time on a larger year-long project, or a number of smaller projects, chosen by the intern that relates to the use of technology and social media in higher education. This could take place in the form of research for best practices, new technologies and methods of reaching students, assessment on the effectiveness of digital communication or another topic of the intern’s choice. It could also take place in the form of a new initiative or social media platform that the intern will wish to explore as a means of communication towards the A/APA and UVA community. The program coordinator will help the intern plan his/her project, offer guidance when necessary, and provide resources. Presentation opportunities may become available for exceptional work through local, regional, or national conferences within the field.

Time-frame and schedule: 5-6 Hours per week. 1-2 hours will be dedicated to monitoring, maintaining and updating the A/APA social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, A/APA website). 1-2 hours will be dedicated to compiling newsletter submissions and formatting a layout suitable for e-mail. There will be 30-45 minutes of weekly supervision meeting with the A/APA program coordinator to discuss any logistics as well as discuss progress of chosen project. This meeting will be between the hours of 9am-5pm and will be at a time that works according to your schedule. Remaining time will be towards working on chosen project.

Minimal Qualifications:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Great organizational skills
  • Familiarity with and appreciation for A/APA Programs/Services and/or CIOs
  • Experience working with various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blogging)
  • Ability to create newsletters through Microsoft Publisher, Word, or other similar software

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience creating webpages (WYSIWYG, or HTML and other web-languages)
  • Experience with graphic design
  • Experience with photography and/or video as well as editing software
  • Communications, marketing, or other major/minor in similar fields
  • Presence/Involvement with A./APA Programs/Services and/or CIOs

If you are interested and meet the minimum qualifications, please send a cover letter (introduction of yourself, your skills and experiences, your ability to commit to this with your current schedule, and some ideas you have for a project(s)), as well as a resume, and various examples of your work that demonstrate your ability (send as many as you like) to Marc Paulo Guzman at by noon on Monday 9/17/2012.  Students selected for an interview will be contacted individually by Wednesday 9/19/2012.