Financial Literacy

The Office of the Dean of Students and Access UVA and First-Generation Student Support are committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of financial means, have access to the same academic and extracurricular opportunities as all other students at the University. One of the ways that we meet this goal is to provide critical financial literacy information to any interested student, with a particular focus on students with fewer financial means.

Sessions are typically offered on a monthly basis, and focus on a variety of topics of interest to all students. We collaborate with experts at the University, and within the local community, to ensure that students receive accurate and timely information. Dinner is provided and sessions usually take place at 6:00 pm mid-week.

Fall topics typically include:

Budgeting your financial aid refund for the semester/year
Balancing a job with school work
Funding Study Abroad, J-Term, Summer Session and other academic opportunities
Research opportunities and scholarships
Housing options for the coming year

Spring Topics typically include:

Tax preparation tips
FAFSA walk-through
Career Services: internships, externships, pre-professional advising and jobs!
For graduating students: benefits options, developing good credit, saving for retirement, loan deferment and other post-graduation topics

If you have ideas for other financial literacy topics that you would like for us to offer? Email Laurie Casteen at

Other Resources

A few terrific resources for students seeking information on budgeting, credit, savings and other financial literacy topics include:

Cash Course
View Your Federal Loan History
Information for Loan Borrowers