The Gus Blagden Room Selection Committee

February 12th, 2014

The Committee to select an individual to live in the Augustus Silliman “Gus” Blagden, III, Room 15 West Lawn, is soliciting nominations from the University community.  The Committee is looking for an undergraduate student in their fourth year of study at the University.  The Scott family, who endowed the room in 1968, characterized the desired recipient as someone who:

  • Selflessly commits their time to serving the University community;
  • Maintains good moral character;
  • Conducts themselves according to a high standard;
  • Displays genuine concern and care for fellow students;
  • May be distinguished by academic merit (but need not be);
  • May be in a recognized position of leadership (but need not be); and
  • Carries these fine qualities with the utmost humility.

Gus was a student at the University in the early 1960’s.  During these years, he was beloved and admired throughout the University community.  Gene Corrigan, past athletic director at Virginia, knew Gus very well.  He wrote that “Gus was a very average student and a mediocre athlete, at best, but was so well respected by his teammates that they chose him to be co-captain of the 1963 Lacrosse Team.  He was, above all, a kind, generous and gentle person.”  Gus died only a few years after graduation, but he had so affected the people with whom he had contact that this room was endowed and dedicated to his honor.

Nominations for the Gus Blagden room should include a letter describing the characteristics and qualities of the nominee that make them worthy of this high honor.  All members of the University community are invited to make nominations.  Please include any personal stories that shed light on the character of the individual.  Letters of nomination must be at least 250 words and should not exceed 500 words.  Letters must be sent electronically as a Word attachment and e-mailed to no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.  Nominations must meet the above criteria or they will not be  accepted. These letters carry an especially heavy weight as they will be the starting point of consideration for all nominees.

Margaret Jala,
on behalf of the Gus Blagden Selection Committee