About Us

Mission Statement

As a unit within the Office of the Dean of Students, the mission of Administrative Services is to enhance the University experience for students, faculty/staff, and guests by providing world class leadership in Business Services, Facility Operations, Marketing & Communications, and Technology Services.

What We Do

To deliver our mission, we serve students, colleagues, and guests in the following areas:

  • Financial Planning and Support for Student Organizations and the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Event Scheduling and Management
  • Operation of Student Activity Spaces
  • Strategic Marketing and Web Development
  • Technology and Audio-Visual Support

Our Values

To ensure students, faculty/staff and guests consistently receive high quality service, our staff will:

  1. Remain flexible, responsive, and open-minded
  2. Enthusiastically adapt to the changing needs of the University community.
  3. Remain current in our industry’s best practices
  4. Seek regular feedback from stakeholders on the quality of our services

To demonstrate that people are the most important and valuable resource at the University of Virginia, our staff will:

  1. Conduct ourselves with professionalism, integrity, and respect for others in all interactions
  2. Recognize, reward, and celebrate the collective accomplishments of staff and volunteers
  3. Advocate for personnel policies and practices that promote compassion, respect, and appropriate recognition of individual contributions

As partners in the education of students at the University of Virginia, our staff will:

  1. Actively seek opportunities to link academic and co-curricular experiences
  2. Provide social, cultural, recreational, and employment opportunities that promote learning and intellectual stimulation
  3. Seek challenges that facilitate personal development for students and staff in a supportive learning environment

To facilitate community at the University of Virginia, our staff will:

  1. Promote a culture that inspires open-mindedness, free expression of ideas, and creativity
  2. Provide the University community with an environment that is welcoming, safe, and diverse
  3. Facilitate student-centered programming that brings together individuals of diverse  backgrounds and perspectives