Financial Guide For Customers

1. All funding will be executed in accordance with the accounting procedures of the University of Virginia and Commonwealth of Virginia.  Please contact Business Services (BSO) before making any purchase as some expenditures (1) are not reimbursable, (2) require that the University directly pay the vendor, and/or (3) require the solicitation of a quote from a second vendor.

2. Funding can be accessed via 3 methods: a) Purchase Order (PO) b) Individual Reimbursement/Payment c)  Internal Service Providers

a)     Purchase Order (PO) – A payment method by which a vendor is paid directly from a UVa account.  With this form of payment, a quote from another vendor may be required.  You MUST contact BSO before committing to or making any type of purchase.  We will provide you direction as to how best to procure goods and/or services for your organization’s event.  A PO may be used with any vendor that accepts this form of payment with the exception of the following restricted items: alcoholic beverages, ammunition, automobiles, carpet, firearms, flowers, framing, furniture, gifts, prescription drugs, radioactive materials, renovation/construction services, security systems, tents (camping) – purchase or rental, window treatments.

b)    Individual Reimbursement/Payment

  • If a vendor does not accept a purchase order (PO) or you are purchasing an item not allowed on a PO (and not considered restricted), you must purchase the item with your organization or personal funds and be reimbursed for the expense.  Please note: some expenditures don’t qualify for reimbursement.  You must contact BSO before committing to or making any type of purchase.  We will provide you directions as to how best to procure goods and/or services for your organization’s event.
  • Once the purchase is made, the ORIGINAL signed and dated receipts with the ODOS Expenditure Voucher Form must be submitted to BSO (Newcomb Hall, Room 444).
  • It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to receive a check (or automatic deposit) from the time the completed documents are received by BSO.  The check will be mailed directly to you unless you are set up for direct deposit.  Please note: if forms are submitted at the end of a semester and your address is subject to change, make certain to supply the new address.

c)     Internal Service Providers (ISP): Internal Service Providers are areas of the university that accept PTAO charges (i.e. Bookstore, Printing and Copying, Catering). When paying ISPs, an employee of the University will provide the PTAO to the billing agent for the ISP.

3. Speaker/Presenter/Performer: Payment for a speaker, presenter, and/or performer is not reimbursable.  The speaker, presenter, and/or performer must be directly paid by the University.  The following forms must be completed and submitted to BSO for payment processing:

a)     Vendor Registration (web form)

b)    Approval for Honoraria Form or Invoice. [Deadline: 30 days prior to or 30 days after the event]

  • Honoraria as defined by UVa Procurement: a gratuitous payment of money or other thing of value to a person for the person’s participation in a usual academic activity for which no fee is legally required. Honoraria payments exceeding $2,000.00 require prior approval of a dean or vice-president. In short, Honoraria = no contract with Vendor

4. Travel: airfare, hotel, vehicle rental, gas, mileage and tolls are considered travel expenditures.  These expenses are reimbursable and all original receipts are required [No Exceptions].  In addition, the boarding pass is required when public transportation is used.  Hotel cost limits also apply.  The Travel Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted to BSO in order to receive reimbursement [Deadline: 30 days following the conclusion of the event].

5. POs and receipts will only be honored up to the limit of funding granted by the department or allocating board.

6. It is your responsibility to ensure that the PO paperwork, reimbursement paperwork, and any additional forms are submitted to the Business Services staff.

7. All pertinent documents must be submitted within 30 days after the conclusion of an event/expenditure.

8. Co-Sponsorships – Any co-sponsoring events should be coordinated with BSO as early as possible to coordinate appropriate payment methods. If co-sponsoring with a Contracted Independent Organization (CIO), be sure to communicate with BSO to ensure the CIO has the resources to fulfill its commitment if utilizing SAF.