Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (PO) are submitted in the Integrated System and BSO utilizes POs whenever possible. BSO processes POs that are less than $5,000 and works diligently with Procurement on POs that are greater than $5,000. BSO strives to provide POs to the necessary ODOS unit within 24 hours of receiving the request and we take this responsibility very seriously. BSO also works with companies so that they can register as vendors in the Integrated System. BSO follows the below Procurement guidelines when processing POs:

  • Be sure that a proposed purchase is eligible for a Purchase Order.
  • If possible, purchase from a Marketplace vendor.
  • If a Marketplace vendor is not available, compare prices from several vendors and make every attempt to use a DMBE-Certified Minority- or Woman-owned firm.
  • Negotiate prices with your chosen vendor, if appropriate.
  • Confirm your vendor in the Integrated System Supplier list as described above.
  • Have available your delivery location code and the PTAEO to charge.
  • Supply the vendor with the PO Number from the Purchase Order you created.
  • Emphasize to the vendor that the invoice must be sent to Procurement Services-Accounts Payable and must reference the PO Number if it is to be paid.