Credit Cards

A. The Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card is a Visa Credit Card issued by Bank of America.

The Purchasing Card works just like a personal credit card, except the University of Virginia pays all charges in full.  The purpose of the Purchasing Card Program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for eVa exempt small dollar transactions. The Purchasing Card Program enables Cardholders to make authorized purchases directly from a Vendor.

The purchasing card may not be used to circumvent other required University purchasing and payment methods.  Cardholders may not use the Card for cash transactions, to receive cash credits, store credit, or to make non-business, personal purchases.  Please see the below policy:

In general, the Purchasing Card (Pcard) should be used only for purchases that will be eVA-Excluded. Students awarded a Purchasing Card under the local program, will be trained separately on its usage by the Purchasing Card Administrator.

Pcard purchases will be excluded from eVA if:

  1. The purchase can be identified as an eVA-Excluded category, based on a correct expenditure type on the transaction. Please see the Goods and Services Procurement Guide to determine if a purchase is in an eVA-Excluded category, and what expenditure type should be used to identify it as such.
  2. The purchase is made over-the-counter by swiping the card at the place of business.

The Pcard may be used for purchases that are not eVA-Excluded under either of the following two conditions:

  1. The purchase is necessary to the mission of the department and there is no other reasonable way in which the purchase can be made.
  2. After comparison-shopping with UVa Marketplace vendors, taking into account all costs (eVA fees, shipping costs, etc.), the Pcard is the least expensive way to purchase.

Please note that these non-eVA-Excluded transactions will still be considered “Non-compliant” with regard to eVA, and the department will incur the full 2% eVA fee.

B. The University Travel Card

Only eligible employees who have completed the required annual training may use the Travel Card for reimbursable travel and related expenditures that are incurred while in travel status and reimbursable business and recruitment meals when not in travel status.  All University Academic Division full-time faculty, classified staff and University staff who travel two or more times a year on University-related business or require an additional way to purchase business-related meals while not in travel status are eligible to apply for a Travel Card.  Other classes of University employees who travel frequently such as part-time faculty and staff, teaching and research assistants and other graduate students, may apply for a Travel Card with the written approval of their department head.