Cultural Programming Board


The Cultural Programming Board is charged with the responsibility of supporting the development and implementation of cultural programming at the University of Virginia.
In allocating funding to student-run events and programs, we aim to:

  • Promote learning across the various cultures found within our University community
  • Foster collaboration among students of different backgrounds
  • Increase the presence and impact of underrepresented cultural perspectives
  • Stimulate creative thinking about culture, inclusiveness and community

CPB Members

The Board is comprised of five student members and one UVA faculty member:

Mr. Thomas Pilnik, UPC
Ms. Bijan Morshedi, Student-at-Large
Ms. Denise Catbay, MRC
Ms. Blakeley Calhoun, MRC
Ms. Alisha Ault, Student-at-Large
Ms. Chelsea Stokes
Ms. Michelle Sawwan, ODOS


Funds have been allotted

We are proud to announce that we’ve had a very successful season, supporting many events and programs that our students design, organize and execute for the education and celebration of our entire University community.

At this time, we are holding on accepting more applications due to having allocated all available funds.  An announcement will be posted should any additional funds become available.  Congratulations to all for the many quality programs we have been able to enjoy!

Important to keep in mind

It is important to prepare for your hearing.  You will present about how your event and goals fit the mission of the CPB.  You will also field questions about the purpose, budget, logistics and execution of your event.  The CPB reserves the right to provide full, partial or no funding.  Feel free to direct questions to Ms. Julie Roa at