Donuts with the Dean

For many years, “Donuts with the Deans” was a way for first-year students to meet informally with their association deans and deans from the Office of the Dean of Students. We are reviving this great UVA tradition and invite you to join us for donuts and conversation.

All meetings are from 4:00 to 5:30pm.

Click on headers to sort schedule by Association, Senior Resident(s), Association Dean, Date, or Location.

Association Senior Resident(s) Association Dean Date Location
Balz/Dobie & Watson/Webb (non-Echols) Sarah Williamson & Alex Wilkerson Kirt von Daacke 09/13/11 Watson/Webb Lounge
Balz/Dobie & Watson/Webb (Echols Scholars) Sarah Williamson & Alex Wilkerson William Wilson 09/20/11 Watson/Webb Lounge
Bonnycastle & Hancock Sheridan Fuller Gordon Stewart 09/27/11 Hancock Lounge
Brown College Sarah Steely Christine Zunz 10/04/11 Tucker Lounge
Copeley Transfers
Hannah Kaylor Frank Papovich 10/18/11 Copeley 836-2 Lounge
Courtenay & Dunglison Chelsea Greene Sandra Seidel 10/25/11 Gooch 382 Lounge
Dillard (to include Gooch/Dillard) Taylor Gist & Rudhdi Karnik Kirt von Daacke 11/01/11 Dillard 387 Lounge
Dunnington & Fitzhugh Laura Knowles Beverly Adams & Sandra Seidel 11/08/11 Ern Commons
Echols & Humphreys
Lena Shi Mark Hadley 11/15/11 Echols Lounge
Gooch (to include Gooch/Dillard) Chester Knapp & Rudhdi Karnik Shawn Lyons 01/31/12 Gooch 382 Lounge
Hereford College Breanna Gray Karlin Luedtke 02/07/12 Runk Green Room
International Residential College
Yonji Kim Sandra Seidel 02/14/12 Gathering Place at Munford
Johnson, Weeden & Malone (Hereford Complex) Transfers Alison Chin Frank Papovich 02/21/12 Runk Green Room
Kellogg Katie Carnes Shawn Lyons 02/28/12 Kellogg 104 Lounge
Kent & Dabney Katie Amos Richard McGuire & Mark Hadley 03/20/12 Dabney Lounge
Metcalf & Lefevre Morgan Byrne-Diakun Christine Zunz 03/27/12 Lefevre Lounge
Page & Emmet Ariel Cornett Richard McGuire 04/03/12 Page Lounge
Woody & Cauthen Marvin Richards Beverly Adams 04/10/12 Ern Commons