1515 University Ave

Reservable Spaces:


Furniture is permanent in the room and should not be re-arranged. Extra seating cannot be added.

  • Garage: 12 seats
  • Dining Room: 8 seats
  • Sun Room: 11 seats
  • Den: 8 seats
  • 1stFloor Stage (reservable daily from 9:00am-7:00pm)


  • Studio: empty space is the default, 24 chairs are available in storage. Max Capacity is 49 if the space is empty.
  • Back Room: empty space is the default, 18 chairs are available in storage. Max Capacity is 37 if the space is empty. 

If a space is open and available it may be used by any individual student or student group without a reservation! However, the space must be vacated upon the arrival of a group that has made an advanced reservation.

How to Reserve in Advance:

  • All 1515 spaces may be reserved by a CIO’s event requester through EMS
  • All advance reservations must be made a minimum of 1 business day before the event date
  • Events being requested for over the weekend (Saturday’s and Sunday’s) must be placed by 12:00pm on the Friday beforein order to be processed and confirmed as an advance reservation.
  • An advance reservation guarantees the requested space for your group during your requested time.
  • There are screens mounted outside of each space that will list the advanced reservations that are taking place in the space each day.

Additional Information:

  • There are no AV/Projector capabilities in these spaces. The Studio is the only space that has audio capabilities. However, a portable projector may be checked out from the SAC for use in 1515 spaces.
  • There are no tables available for reservable spaces
  • Each group is limited to 10 advanced reservations (reservations made through EMS) per semester.
  • Spaces are free to be used when empty! Digital screens will be mounted outside each space with the schedule posted of when the space is free and when there are reservations.
  • Departments are unable to reserve spaces within 1515

Floor Plans



First Floor

Second Floor